S1 Communication Science Study Program, Start the Inaugural Lecture in 2024 by Watching the Film “KEJARLAH JANJI” Produced by Perusahaan Film Negara

Jakarta, 5 February 2024 – Starting the inaugural lecture in 2024, the UNJ Communication Science Undergraduate Program held a movie screening together at Sergur Lt.9. The movie, titled Kejarlah janji, provides an overview of the upcoming elections to students. This movie is the work of director Garin Nugroho, made as a means of education and education for the Indonesian people ahead of the 2024 General Elections & Pilkada. And of course it is also important for students.

Dini Safitri, S.Sos, M.Si, as the Coordinator of the S1 Communication Science Study Program, stated, “Thank you to the Indonesian Film Company for their cooperation in screening the Kejarlah Janji film which is not only educational but also quite entertaining. We look forward to other collaborations with the S1 Communication Science study program in academic activities around film.”

This film subtly emphasizes how important it is for us to exercise our rights and carry out our obligations as good citizens in terms of elections, by voting according to what we believe in and not abstaining. Every footage in the movie teaches and shows us how people get excited and try to elect leaders who they think can make our dreams come true. It instills in us the importance of carrying out the responsibilities that we have chosen and entrusted to us. It also teaches us that every election must be done in a good way so that the results obtained are accompanied by good honor.

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