The Participation of Faculty Members and Bachelor’s Degree Students of Communication Science at UNJ in the Collaborative Activities between the Faculty of Social Sciences at UNJ and Leipzig University, Germany.

Jakarta, 3 July 2023 The Bachelor’s Degree Program in Communication Science at UNJ sends its faculty members and students to the program organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Universitas Negeri Jakarta in collaboration with Leipzig University, Germany, through the activity “Taking Perspectives: Higher Education Dialogue with the Muslim World.” This collaborative activity will be held in several stages. The first series took place from June 18th to 29th, 2023, in Leipzig and was represented by Nada Arina Romli, M.I.Kom (lecturer), and Raghyl Syifa Sayidina (student).

This collaboration will continue from October 28th to November 1st, 2023, at Universitas Negeri Jakarta. The aim of this collaboration is to enhance the ability to understand and take perspectives within the theoretical educational context of the activity’s theme, as well as to strengthen methodological integration in the discipline and reinforce its presence in an academic context. Moreover, this collaboration is also intended as part of the internationalization program of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Universitas Negeri Jakarta, aimed at achieving World Class University (WCU) status.

As one of the students representing Indonesia in this program, Raghyl feels very happy and excited, as expressed in his statement, “I feel happy and very excited, but I’m also nervous because I have to represent not only my university but also Indonesia in the program. I had many impressions there, especially gaining new learning experiences about the issue of religious tolerance. Throughout the program, we actively engaged in discussions, presentations, and mutual understanding about religious practices in our respective countries. Additionally, interacting with delegates from other universities like Universitas Brawijaya and Leipzig enriched my knowledge about their fields of study and social life in Malang or Germany.”

Furthermore, Dr. Dini Safitri, S.Sos., M.Si., CPR, the Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Communication Science, responded to this activity, stating, “This collaborative program is beneficial for students and faculty members to gain learning and teaching experiences outside the campus. Especially by participating in activities in Germany, many interesting experiences can be obtained.”

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