Outcomes of the Public Relations Script Writing Course, 2021 Students Created Six E-Books.

[Jakarta, 8 January 2024] – A creative and innovative step came from UNJ’s Bachelor of Communication Science study program lecturers in order to provide course assignments to their students. In an academic project that encourages creativity, students, of course under the guidance of lecturers, have created six e-books related to the Public Relations Manuscript Writing course, which contains a collection of assignments, starting from Advetorial Texts, Opinion Articles, Press Releases, Company Profiles , Scientific Writing, and Feature Text.

This book is not just a collection of writings, but is the result of deep thinking, mature research, and high creativity that students cultivate. Through this book, students have provided an in-depth understanding of the topics raised as well as their contributions to the academic realm.

In an effort to present their work to the wider community, students created interesting promotions in the form of videos. This is done in an effort to introduce and share the essence of the work produced. The books that have been created are also submitted to the Virtual Edu Academy to obtain an Educational Serial Book Number (ESBN), which is a unique numbering system for educational books that provides a standard and simple way to identify and track books throughout the world.

The lecturer in the Public Relations Script Writing course, namely Dr. Dini Safitri S.Sos, M.Si stated, “Alhamdulillah, students were able to publish six e-books from the results of their writing that they had been working on for one semester. Hopefully we can produce other works that are more useful for many people.”

This book will be available through online platforms. For those who want to know more about this project and support the students’ work, you can visit the following official website.


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