Jakarta, October 16, 2023 – In order to improve the skills and creativity of students in the UNJ Bachelor of Communication Sciences study program, in collaboration with Mi Burung Dara, they held the ‘Best Wok Creative Campus’ on 16 October 2023 with the theme ‘Creative Ads Video Workshop & Competition Roadshow Jakarta’. This event was attended by students from the classes of 2021 and 2023. The activities were carried out offline, at the Bung Hatta Hall, UNJ.

Dr. Dini Safitri, S.sos, M.Si as the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Communication Science Study Program, said, “This event is interesting and stimulates the creativity of students who want to become content creators to make money. “Best wok’s workshops don’t just teach theory but create content that is contested personally and the winner will receive a prize that is useful for continuing to create content and advertisements that will support a professional career.”

The event was filled with the seminar ‘You Can Make Profit from Making Pro Ads Using a Cellphone’ presented by Andrew Hao. Andrew Hao is a digital creator, videographer, and is also active in social media, especially Tiktok, with 20.1k followers. Andrew Hao explained in his material that you can not only create advertisements with a camera, but also via cellphone as long as you have a strong intention and are serious about doing it. Andrew Hao also shared tips and tricks on how to create advertisements using cellphones to make you look like a professional.

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