Closing of the Mandiri PMM Program between UAI and UNJ Communication Science Undergraduate Study Program Semester 119

Friday, 26 January 2023 – UNJ’s Communications Science Undergraduate Study Program officially closed the collaboration between the PMM Mandiri program and Al Azhar University Indonesia. This collaboration was carried out in semester 119, and was attended by two UAI students, namely Ratu Vega and Muhammad Zidan who took part in PMM Mandiri.

The closing of this collaboration was symbolized by the handing over of a plaque from UAI by Syarifah Ida who is the Head of UPT MBKM from Al-Azhar University Indonesia with Deputy Dean II of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Head of the Undergraduate Communication Science Study Program.

Communication Science Study Program Choir, Dr. Dini Safitri S.Sos, M.Si, CPR Gives a message regarding the closing of the Mandiri PMM Program between UAI and the UNJ Communication Science Study Program.
“Thank God, two UAI students have finished studying at UNJ’s Bachelor of Communication Science study program for one semester. We apologize if there are many things that you don’t like, especially in terms of grades, because many lectures require student discipline in completing weekly assignments,” said Dini.

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