Jakarta, 16 January 2023 – After a series of creative campus workshops at UNJ which were held last October. By inviting Andrew Hao as a speaker, students were invited to learn about advertising videos and the creative ideas behind the scenes of advertising video production. Not only in the form of learning material, students also directly practice how to make creative advertising videos.

It doesn’t stop there, students also take part in the Best Wok Creative Ads Video Competition with attractive prizes to help develop creativity in advertising video production. The following are the winners of the Best Wok Creative Ads Video Competition UNJ.

  1. 1st Place – (DJI CAMERA DRONE)
  2. 2nd place – abelithaj (DJI SMARTPHONE GIMBAL)
  3. 3rd place – nijiap (SARAMONIC WIRELESS MIC)
  4. Favorite champion – audehhhh00 (Coaching money IDR 500,000)
  5. TOP 10 FINALISTS – imrissa.lar – (GOLD + 1 DUS TOP HITS)
  6. TOP 10 FINALIST – iitustranger – (GOLD + 1 BUS TOP HITS)
  7. TOP 10 FINALIST – rrestiiq – (GOLD + 1 DUS TOP HITS)
  8. TOP 10 FINALISTS – sdrifnu_ – (GOLD + 1 DUS TOP HITS)
  9. TOP 10 FINALIST – hannashasyi – (GOLD + 1 BUS TOP HITS)
  10. TOP 10 FINALISTS – moodymarchh – (GOLD + 1 BUS TOP HITS)

Communication Science Study Program Choir, Dr. Dini Safitri S.Sos, M.Si, CPR gives greetings to students who won the Best Wok Creative Ads Vidio Competition UNJ “Alhamdulillah, congratulations to the 10 IKOM students who were selected as winners. Hopefully in the future, we can achieve even more, consistently create work and not erase the digital traces of the work” said Dini.

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