Lecturer of S1 Communication Science, State University of Jakarta Becomes a Speaker at the “Dakwah Millenial” Seminar

Jakarta, May 3, 2024 – Lecturers of the Bachelor of Communication Studies Program at Universitas Negeri Jakarta became speakers at an event organized by the Da’wah Institute of the Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) and the East Jakarta Nahdlatul Ulama Branch Management (PCNU). This event has been successfully organized and discusses Da’wah Digital Literacy with the theme “Millennial Da’wah: Counteracting the Latent Dangers of Social Media and Hoax News”.

The event was attended by around 227 participants from among students and religious community organizations who seemed very enthusiastic about following and paying attention to the seminar. The seminar took place in the Maftuhah Yusuf Hall of the State University of Jakarta on Saturday (27/4/2024) morning until noon

The coordinator of the UNJ Communication Science Undergraduate Study Program appeared as a guest speaker at the event. Dr. Dini Safitri S.Sos, M.Si, CPR conveyed about digital competence to ward off the latent danger of social media and hoaxes.

“Spreading hoax news can damage the image of Muslims and cause harm to society. Therefore, da’wah in the millennial era must be active in counteracting hoax news,” said early.

KH. Ahmad Ikrom from LD PBNU and KH. Azaz Rulyaqien, S.Si., MM. from PCNU East Jakarta, were also present as speakers. KH Nurul Badruttamam, MA, Secretary of LD PBNU, was also present as the keynote speaker who opened the Digital Literacy Seminar. The speakers jointly invited participants to use social media wisely and together ward off the dangers of hoax news spread in cyberspace.

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