UNJ Communication Science Lecturer Becomes Resource Person at Halal Bihalal Event and Discussion on Increasing Lecturer Functional Positions

Jakarta, 3 May 2024 – Lecturers from the Jakarta State University Communication Studies Program were among the first to take part in Halal Bihalal and Discussion activities organized by the Communication Higher Education Association (ASPIKOM). This activity discusses improving the functional positions of lecturers.
The National University Exhibition Lounge was the place where this activity was held. The aim of this activity is to strengthen ties, and expand insight and collaboration in the field of Communication Science. Apart from that, this activity is also a forum for academics to discuss, exchange ideas and efforts to find a solution regarding increasing the functional position of lecturers.

Several speakers were present in the discussion, including Professor of Communication Sciences, FISIP, National University, Prof. Dr. Dra. Lely Arrianie, M.Sc., Professor of Communication Sciences, Mercu Buana University, Prof. Dr. Suraya, M.Sc. and Lecturer in the Communication Science Study Program, Jakarta State University, Dr. Dini Safitri, M.Sc. The discussion was guided by the Permanent Lecturer at the Unika Atma Jaya Communication Science Study Program, Dr. Nia Sarinastiti, M.A.

In this discussion Dr. Dini Safitri, M.Sc. provide highlights on scientific fields, courses and scientific work submitted as a condition for advancement to the functional position of lecturers and must be in accordance with the lecturer’s final education.

“To obtain a functional position, lecturers must submit a credit score assessment for the proposed activities in accordance with what is required at each level, such as teaching, research, community service and other supporting activities. “Each proposer must pay attention to the field of science and subjects proposed as well as scientific work that is in accordance with their latest education,” said Dini

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