Communication Science lecturers and students attend the Submarine International Seminar “Future Submarine” by TNI AL and Paguyuban Hiu Kencana

Jakarta, 26 May 2024 – On May 14-15, 2024, the International Submarine Seminar “Future Sumbarine” was organized by the Indonesian Navy and Paguyuban Hiu Kencana. This international submarine seminar discussed the development of submarine technology that has the support of Air Independent Porplution (AIP) and Lithium Ion Battery. This activity was held at Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta.

In this activity, it was attended by several Academic Civitas of the Faculty of Social Sciences, State University of Jakarta. Among them are Dr. Abdul Haris Fatgehipon, M.Si., as Vice Dean III FIS UNJ, Dr. Dini Safitri, M.Si., as Head of Communication Science Study Program, Dr. Wiratri Anindhita, M.Sc., as the advisor of FIS UNJ Ambassador and lecturers of Communication Science S1 Study Program and Students of Communication Science S1 Study Program UNJ.

Mr. TNI Admiral, Dr. Muhammad Ali who is the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy also enlivened this Seminar as a guest speaker. The essence of this event is to discuss matters relating to submarines and assets that have the possibility to strengthen the ranks of the Navy. The discussion at this seminar was the development of unmanned submarines based on Artificial Intelligence technology. They believe that AI technology can have a good impact on the operational aspects of submarines.

Coordinator of Communication Science Study Program, Dr. Dini Safitri S.Sos, M.Si, CPR provide feedback on the International Seminar on the future of submarines,

“Submarine technology uses cyber communication technology that can be learned by communication students in developing communication students’ self-competence in the cyber field that can strengthen the defense and security of the Republic of Indonesia.” say dini

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